Tanning Tips

Simple Guidelines to a perfect tan

  1. Week 1 through 3, tan a minimum of 4 sessions per week
  2. Week 4 thru 6, continue tanning a minimum of 4 sessions per week with at least one of those sessions in an upgraded bed.
  3. Purchase and use an indoor accelerator recommended for your skin type from your very first tanning session.

Remember, everyone has a different tanning potential and we seek to tan you to your personal potential.


Tan With A Plan

              Our tan with a plan method will take you through all the steps of tanning,

starting from a base tan to that deep dark golden tan.

Keeping skin care in mind, our tanning consultants will assist you

 in your selection of quality skin care products that are right for you.



Step 1:

Never tan dry! Dry skin requires 7 minutes for UV light to penetrate the skin and build melanin for a tanning bed t a minute. To be effective, the use of a proper accelerator for your skin type allows UV light to penetrate and start the process in under

Outdoor products are forbidden in any certified tanning salon.


Start the tanning process with your choice of the highest quality skin care lotions in the industry from our premium lotion lines. These lotions will jump start the tanning process and get you that golden dark tan quickly while bathing your skin in the finest skin care ever developed for the tanning industry.


If you reach a tanning plateau there are a few simple solutions – lotion rotation and alternating tanning equipment. Your body can build up a tolerance, once you switch lotions and/or alternate between different types of tanning equipment, you will burst through your tanning plateau.


Once you have taken the time to achieve your tan, protect and extend the life of it with one of our tan extenders. Moisture is the key for longevity of your tan as well as bathing your skin in the vitamins it needs to keep it healthy.


Do not bathe with soap! Body wash is best. Harsh soaps will cause your tan to wash off before its time.


Use a variety of equipment to keep your tan looking natural and dark. Ask your tanning consultant about our different levels and create a plan that is tailored for you.

For Instant Color

For that special event or you just want some instant color, did you know your radiant, bronze glow is available in just 60 seconds!  At Eternal Tan we offer the Industry Choice Award Winner, revolutionary spray booth, VersaSpa.